My thoughts about being trans

While I know that pride month may be an odd time to be making this post, I believe that it may be helpful for me to share my experiences with believing I was transgender with others. This is something that did end up changing my life for the better, but if not for my family, could have changed it for the worse.

I would like to start out first by stating that I have no issues with any who are gay, lesbian, bi, etc. However, I believe that being trans, and gender identity as a whole, differs from this. Allowing minors to remove body parts or preparing them to do so later is shameful. I also believe that this issue resonates deeper than political divide, and should not be considered as "I am a X, so my idea on this is Y." Instead, I would appreciate if you tried to read this through without any prior forced ideas about the topic, and would recommend that you do more research into your thoughts about a topic instead of latching on to the ideas of a political party that you support. Also note that this all comes from someone who at a point believed that I was trans, however I have now changed my mind from all that I have learned along the way.

To be real with you, I believe that the situations that children are being put into due to being thrown into the center of a political war is horrid. Giving children the option to permanently remove their option of having biological children at as young as 16 years old is bad enough, and many of the side effects of medication given to suppress or change hormones is still unknown, and children are being used as guinea pigs. From what little is known, side effects such as increased risk of cancer are present. Along with that, the narrative of listening to children before their parents is false, and can be easily debunked just by the fact that the decision making part of human brains is not fully developed until 25. Why should children be able to make themselves infertile before they are even allowed to vote or drink alcohol?

As gender is a fully made up concept, and I personally believe that it should not play as huge of a role in society as it currently does, if at all, and that people should not be forced into or out of situations based on it. However, biological sex is a real thing, and I do not believe that it should be attempted to be changed so that it can align with one's gender better.

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