The issue of time

What do you do with the limited time that you have in this universe? (I'm assuming that within your lifetime you will not travel outside of it.) For me, I am starting to think that I take too much time picking up projects, and spending long nights focusing on creating and updating them. While this is certainly one way to live life, it may give one too much stress, and not allow them to focus on upcoming things that may be more important. This leads me into the predicament I am currently in. I have promises to keep about making things, and find other side projects very interesting, but I also believe that I need to spend more time with friends, and doing things necessary to live a more full life. But at the same time, I also believe that I am spending far too much time lying around, although this is mostly due to lack of sleep since as I said before I stay up later than I should. I guess the conclusion I have came to in all of this is that I need to take a step back and do less, so that I can do more.

Anyway, although this is the second day and I am already rambling on about something that randomly came into my head at 1 in the morning, I have high hopes that I can keep this up for 100 days in a row. Hope to see you there, and have a good Friday.

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