Minimalism vs. Hoarding

While going through life, there are often two ways of going about what things you keep versus what you don't. Some chose to be minimalist and only keep things they deem very necessary, while some also are extreme hoarders who never get rid of anything. The majority, however, lies somewhere in between. I tend to lean more towards the hoarding side, although recently I have been getting rid of unnecessary objects. However, while hoarding physical objects can be easily seen as bad, hoarding data is a bit different. I used to be a data hoarder, with over 2 TB of code from leaks and projects that got shut down, among other things. However, this did not ultimately bring me any joy, as I did not do anything with this data, and I recently wiped all of my drives. I also quite frequently wipe my phone, with only photos backed up. So, now I have more space for my useless projects. However, there are some benefits to digital data hoarding. If I had the money, it would be great to hoard data just in case I ever need it again, and this has happened before. However, without much money for spending on frivolous projects such as this, I have decided that there are greater uses for this space. But I still think that the cons outweigh the pros when it comes hoarding of physical objects, even if they hold a small amount of memories. As even if you get rid of those objects, the memories remain.

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