Privacy vs. Security

Quick note: sorry for the kinda lame post last time, I honestly have not had as much time lately for making posts, but I am still doing it. As alluded to in my last post, here is my take on privacy vs security (and to a lesser degree, freedom vs. security.) Something I actually have some experience talking about!
So, another one of the unanswered questions about how we balance the differing beliefs of society. One example of this that comes up quite a bit in the current news is encryption, and how the government can get access to data that is encrypted. One option, of course, is to give governments backdoor access to these systems. However, as we all know, humans can be corrupt, and giving the government access to all of your messages does not seem like the best idea. Another downside to this is that it creates a security hole in the system, as any backdoor access can be exploited. So, what does one do to make sure illegal activities are not taking place online? Well, human error still exists, and while a bad actor needs to continuously cover their tracks, someone going against them only needs to find something accidentally left exposed once. As it is currently, most countries do still allow for chats and other activates on the internet to be encrypted without a backdoor, but some, such as India, are starting to take steps to watch over these encrypted channels, such as VPN services, at the potential harm of their citizens.
As stated before, I intend to write more about this subject in the future, and I honestly just wanted to get this out before I go to sleep. Sorry for the lame wrap-up.

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