upcoming changes to my homelab

I know, this is different from the other posts I've made so far. But then again, look at my username.

Also yes, I am now restarting the 100 days challenge, so let this be day 1/100.


While I am currently using Migadu for email hosting (\$9.50 a year isn't a bad deal,) I might later switch to something like this once they add more features. The only flaw I have with self hosting this is that it's for whatever reason not possible to host a mail server on a consumer internet plan, however I might have a workaround to this. Either way, Skiff seems quite promising once it matures. It is advertised as Web3 (yuck), however Web3 does have some benefits (if you remove crypto from the equation,) plus with self hosting you can host your files wherever you like instead of on the blockchain.


An AI powered photo management system that rivals Google Photos, allowing you to sort photos by faces, and search for photos for things they contain inside of them. I'm not sure how good the AI is, but this project as a whole seems really promising, and I would love to finally detach myself (nearly) completely from the Google ecosystem.


A very powerful document management system. While I know that I already have Standard Notes, I often still need to write Word documents and other things that cannot be done with this platform. Being able to manage and host all of my documents instead of relying on OneDrive would be a nice alternative, and its not like documents take up a lot of storage space anyway, so I might set this up right now. As for the other two, I will need to upgrade my current homelab infrastructure to be able to run them.


While I currently use Last.fm for scrobbling music, it is not open source. I would also like to have closer control over the data that is aggregated by a scrobbling service. That's about all I have to say about this 😁.


An open source alternative to things like Grammarly. Seems to have great functionality, and is even available in other languages (even though I only speak English & Spanish, its still nice.) From my limited use of their publicly available free plan on the shared instance, it seems to work great, and has integrations for every service imaginable.

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