you and those above you

Day 2/100

This is just a quick something that I wish I had known earlier, and I hope that some others can benefit from. While I'm not telling you to be egotistical, know that in this world, you are just as good as any of those that you view above you. While you may have not had the chance in your life yet to talk to someone you look up to and have them see you as being on the same level as them, it does make you realize that there is not much separating you from all of them. I guess if you are looking for a way to take this, think about it this way: there's not as much of a gap as you may think from you becoming great. You are not going to be on the level of the greatest in your league, whatever it may be, tomorrow, but it is achievable.

(Yes, I know I am greatly simplifying here, and there may be some situations where this may not be true, but just know that you can improve, and that you can get to the highest point in the skill ceiling, even if it may seem ways away and unobtainable right now.)

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