Day 5/100
Yeah, so i recently got removed from one of the projects I've been working on, popWALLS. To be fair, I wasn't developing it much, as it was just a fun thing I did in my free time. However, the manager of the popMODS group decided that he wanted to make it paid, and I didn't exactly get much of a say in it. My personal philosophy is that I would rather make something that could be freely used over getting a few $ out of it. However, it does help that I am currently a student and don't have to pay taxes or rent. Either way, I understand the reason behind making such a project paid, but as someone who cannot really accept money from services like PayPal or Stripe due to being under 18, there's not even an option for me to do so. Anyway, popWALLS in its current state will remain free forever on GitHub (with a few hundred walls possibly getting added when I feel like it), however if you want to get more feel free to buy it on the Play Store when it comes out.

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