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Day 8/100

While nowadays most modern websites are created using web frameworks such as React, Vue, and Svelte, are they just unnecessary bloated nonsense, or are they the future of the internet? While some may have an even more extreme stance than me by saying that JavaScript on web is unnecessary, I believe that at the very least these web frameworks are often unnecessary and bloated. Many new web developers may start out creating small static websites with just HTML, CSS, and a bit of JS, they often move on to web frameworks before they even fully understand what they are doing. This often leads to developers compiling their React app (or similar) into something that they are not even sure about how it fully works. No website has a need to use a web framework, and it often leads to lazy developers who introduce unnecessary bloat into their websites. It's completely possible, feasible, and not at all difficult to do 99% of what is being done in a web framework in a quick way, and all these frameworks do is introduce unnecessary complexion and bloat in return for making code a bit more readable and writable.

I do understand the need to meet deadlines and how that makes it difficult to do what I mentioned above, but I also believe that you should put quality over meeting deadlines. While that may not always be your choice to make, I encourage everyone to try to get extensions to these deadlines instead of writing things that are more bloated and buggy. On top of this, I often find that frameworks often introduce many security vulnerabilities due to requiring outdated versions of other packages, and by not relying on a whole slew of packages that you realistically do not have the time to check over individually, you can instead go the route I mentioned above and take a bit more time to improve the end result and remove wasted time down the road.

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