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Day 12/100

How do we express ourselves online? And why is there so much of a divide of people who hide themselves as much as possible with the anonymity online, while others allow much more of themselves to be shown?

Well, duh, some of it has to do with self confidence and how shy or outgoing one is. But that isn't the end of the story. For example, I am actually decently talkative and confident in myself in real life (shocking, I know,) but I still don't allow much of myself to be shown online? Why is that? Honestly, even I don't have a great answer. The best one that I can give is maybe that I like to be able to be a different person online then in real life (although recently I feel that this has become less so,) but even that isn't the full reasoning behind it. Maybe at the end of the day it just depends on the person, I don't claim to know. I guess having less of an online presence or at the very least disconnecting your real life identity from your online one makes it more difficult to do any OPSEC on you, but this doesn't really apply to me as nearly everyone I know well knows my identity online (not that most of them do much with that information, and I would be shocked if any of them knew this blog existed, but you never know). At the end of the day, maybe all of the stupid side projects I do will lead to me getting some kind of good recognition, but this is a double edged sword, as anything bad I do will be seen as well. In the future, I would like to make another online presence different from this one so that nobody I know personally knows about it, but its something I doubt I will ever end up doing.

Yes, I am sorry to myself for posting this an hour late, but I recently factory reset my phone and forget to set a reminder to post every day again, in my defense. (And that this is one of my most badly rushed posts.)

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